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Trail Enhancement How-To Manual

This FIT Trail How-To Manual is designed to help community leaders, municipal planners, recreation directors, health promoters, and educators enhance the interpretative value of outdoor spaces, especially walking and hiking trails that appeal to families and school groups. It is geared to existing trails, but can also be integrated into the planning of new pathways and open spaces.

Following this step-by-step process will help your group define various aspects of a typical FIT trail and its interpretive components. Upon completion, it provides a working blueprint for the development of an enhanced outdoor trail featuring the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

While the thematic content of this guide focuses on the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada, the step-by-step planning system can be adapted to walking and hiking trails almost anywhere.

123 page e-book; PDF format (4mb)




Spirits of the Little Bonnechere
A History of Exploration, Logging and Settlement
1800 to 1920
Roderick Mackay
Rory's travels began in the mid-1970s as he sought to document the vast cultural resources of Algonquin Provincial Park. During this period he visited most known sites along the Little Bonnechere River and interviewed the children of the original Basin Depot farm settlers who supplied the lumber industry. Rory also studied archival materials such as maps, journals and legislative reports which deepen our understanding of the history of this area. The result of his work is an extensive collection of cultural resource information documenting the development and settlement along the Little Bonnechere River.
6.5" x 9.75", soft cover, 152 pages
Edition 1: OUT OF PRINT
Edition 2: Order from Friends of Algonquin Park

  Discover the Spirits of the Little Bonnechere
A Cultural Heritage Activity Book for Youth
Sandy Stephenson
Join our host, Alex, on a trip through time in celebration of the human spirit. This hands-on book is a trip through time about the people who lived and died along the Little Bonnechere River from 5000 BC to 2000. Dig into the amazing science of archaeology, learn about Native survival skills, meet the entrepreneur of the fur trade: the coureur de bois. Follow the journey of a white pine from the Bonnechere to England's Royal Navy ships, watch as immigrants transform Basin Depot from a logging out-post to a small but thriving settlement. In the end, we are reminded that we must preserve these stories and our land for those who will come after us.
8.5" x 11", soft cover, 48 pages
$7.50 order

Interactive CD: Visiting the Spirits
Exploring the Hidden Heritage of the Little Bonnechere River
Susan Code
Completing the Little Bonnechere trilogy, this CD is based
on Spirits of the Little Bonnechere and the companion publication Discover the Spirits of the Little Bonnechere. Via this multimedia CD, virtual travellers can tour an abandoned logging settlement at Basin Depot, visit the historic Lafleur homestead, and wind their way through the long-abandoned farms and logging sites along the Old Bonnechere Road. Companion site map included.
Windows 95/98/2000/NT or
MacOS 7.5 or later
$24.95 order

  Best of Friends
Have Fun Learning About Our Animal Friends!
A fun way for kids to learn about the animals who make their home at Bonnechere Provincial Park. Meet and play along with Molly the Mallard, Teddy the Timber Wolf, Ricky Raccoon, Mike the Painted Turtle, and Marshall the Wood Turtle. Activities are ideal for kids 4 to 10 years of age: Find-a-Ways, Math Teasers, Crossword Puzzles, and Join-the-Dots.
8.5" x 11", soft cover, 32 pages
$4.25 order

Walks of the Little Bonnechere River
Roderick Mackay and Mark Stabb
This self-guided tour book features ten hikes along one of the Ottawa Valley's historic waterways. Historian Roderick MacKay and ecologist Mark Stabb bring to life the cultural and natural features of each site to tell the story of the people and places which make this area unique. It's a great way to learn more about the story of Canadian settlement while walking your way to a healthier lifestyle.
4.5" x 7", soft cover, 26 pages
$4.95 order

Birds of the Upper Ottawa Valley
Chris Michener
Almost 300 species occur in the Upper Ottawa Valley, many of them colourful, rare and/or beautiful songsters. This pocket-size checklist will be helpful in identifying the species you see and keeping track of details such as location and date.
4.5" x 7", soft cover, 5-page folder
$1.00 order


A Driving Tour of the Bonnechere River Watershed
Mark Stabb
Co-published with the Ottawa Valley Tourist Association, this self-guided driving ecotour introduces you to the wild side of the Bonnechere Valley. A pocket-sized handbook, this illustrated handbook explains the role nature played in the settlement and human history of the Ottawa Valley. It explains how nature has influenced settlement patterns and how we have in turn affected nature and the environment along the way.
4.5" x 7", soft cover, 66 pages, pdf format
Cultural Heritage Tourism in Ontario
Partnering for New Business Opportunities, 1999, Conference Proceedings
The proceedings of the first provincial conference on cultural heritage tourism include the Final Conference Program and the complete set of accompanying Abstracts including presentations by Ursula Thiboutot, National Gallery of Canada and Margaret May, LORD Cultural Resources Planning & Management Inc. Also included is a summary of a workshop by Greg Belland, Travel Alberta International, entitled Heritage Tourism - How To Do It in Five Steps.
8.5" x 11", soft cover, 176 pages
$40.00 order

A must-have for Ottawa Valley Birders! order>

Co-authors Mark Stabb and Roderick MacKay at launch of Walks of the Little Bonnechere River.

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