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Turtle Island Time Machine,
Footprints show where we have been,
Spirits of the Little Bonnechere,
Guide us through 12 000 years.

The McNaughton FIT Trail is a shaded 2-km pathway that meanders along the shores of the Little Bonnechere River where it flows into Round Lake.

fit trail time machine

To get the most out of your FIT Trail experience, head to The Depot and start your journey by navigating the Turtle Island Time Machine.

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The overriding theme is based on a traditional Algonquin First Nation teaching illustrating our time on Earth, from the Ice Age to present-day.

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Hiikers navigate from one post to the next -- museum-on-a-stick -- learning about the natural and cultural heritage of the Little Bonnechere.

fit trail experiential activity

Along the way you'll participate in experiential activities such as role playing and running, seeking and sensory games.

fit trail interpretation

Experience the FIT Trail as part of a guided program with Park interpreters, or head out on a self-guided hike. The information is geared to children and adults alike.

Dress for the weather, wear comfortable walking shoes, and be sure to pack some light snacks and water. Enjoy your time travel!

Discover the Little Bonnechere's Footprint in Time

• Learn a traditional First Nations teaching
• Time travel from 10 000 BC to present
• Explore four eras of human history: Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Woodland and Historic
• Learn how the Bonnechere River was formed after the last Ice Age
• Visit an ancient beach
• Still-hunt like the Woodland people
• Learn the J-stroke for canoeing and practice paddling like the voyageurs
• See a beaver house and play turtle tag
• Build a tree and learn to listen like a deer
• See and smell medicinal plants used by the First Nations
• Measure your pace like a land surveyor
• Stack square timbers to build a structure

School Groups

Are you an educator or group leader that would like to arrange for a guided FIT Trail program at Bonnechere Park? Email us for available dates.



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