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The FBP play an important role in promoting cultural awareness of the Bonnechere River and the Ottawa Valley through educational programming featuring our natural and cultural resources.

Educational Field Trips
The Little Bonnechere River is an ideal destination for school trips that blend natural and cultural heritage education with outdoor recreation. Consider a day at Bonnechere Park for your next class outing. Learn more about school trips.

Designed to Move
Renfrew County is experiencing a cultural shift towards reversing the negative health statistics that are affecting how our children live, learn and play. This highly active program is designed to guide students and educators through an exploration of the benefits of moving more in the outdoors. Browse the AT Teaching Tools>>

Land of the Spirits Virtual Exhibit
At Basin Depot, most recently an abandoned logging settlement on the Little Bonnechere, archaeologists have unearthed the bits and pieces that characterize a community. Their discovery proves that while Basin Depot may have been isolated, its residents lived lives similar to those in other communities, large and small, all across Canada. Much of this rich legacy of collected artifacts is being shared for the first time through this online exhbit. Visit the Virtual Exhibit>>

Feeding the Frontier - Food in Early Canada
Using historic images, audio clips and text, this unique Learning Object Collection presents participants with a glimpse of how Canadian pioneers of the 1800s raised and grew crops, hunted and fished, preserved, cooked and served food from both wild and domestic sources. Browse the Learning Objects>>

Saving Ontario Turtles - A Race Against Time
Learn more about the eight turtle species resident to Ontario and the human behaviours that puts six of these species are risk. Educators and students can enagage in role-play, interactive and hands-on activities based on the importance of turtles in our culture, the turtle lifecycle, turtle habitat, and what we all can do to protect Ontario turtles. Browse Turtle Teaching Tools>>

Habitat - There for the Birds!
Educators and students can enagage in role-play, interactive and hands-on activities while learning about the importance of birds in the ecosystem, the natural and man-made challenges facing migratory birds, and the small things we can all do to help protect birds around the world. Browse Bird Teaching Tools>>

Visiting the Spirits
This virtual tour features the hidden heritage of the Little Bonnechere River. Visit Basin Depot, the Lafleur homestead, and various long-abandoned farms and logging sites through this multimedia presentation of words, images, video footage and audio recordings. Launch Your Tour>>

Chutes and Log Jams Game
Patterned after the popular children's game, Snakes and Ladders, this online game teaches players about life in the lumber camp and on the log drive. Developed in partnership with the Canadian Forestry Association. Play Chutes and Log Jams Game>>

The Green Zone Game
A fun activity designed to help children understand the environmental implications of their actions and related events. Developed by the Canadian Forestry Association. Play the Green Zone Game>>

Book Store
Visit our online book store to learn more about how these materials can enhance your study plan:
Sample a learning activity from Discover the Spirits Activity Book for Youth.
Sample a learning activity from Best of Friends Fun Book.



Saving Ontario Turtles - A Race Against Time
Teaching tools based on species at risk in Ontario, especially our turtles.


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