Habitat: There for the Birds!

Habitat: There for the Birds!

Of the 479 bird species that have been seen in Ontario, 300 live in Renfrew County, seasonally or year-round. Of the Renfrew County birds, thirteen are categorized as species at risk. Habitat protection is one of the most important factors in preventing bird species from becoming extinct.

Together we can make a direct and significant difference in bird population stability by donating to organizations that protect these habitats, or by positively affecting bird habitat, nearby or around the world.

Educators and students will learn about the importance of birds in our culture and in the ecosystem, and what we all can do to protect birds. Ontario Curriculum connections include Life Systems, Earth and Space Systems, and Visual Arts variously for JK through 12. These lesson plans can also be adapted for adult learners.

Before You Begin: About These Lesson Plans

Learn how to prepare for teaching this unit; includes Ontario Curriculum Connections.

Info Sheet: Habitat – There for the Birds!

This resource provides valuable information for teachers and students regarding species at risk, the importance of birds, bird habitat and how to help save our birds.

Renfrew County Bird Species at Risk

Ages: 6+
This interactive presentation includes audio clips of bird songs, migration maps, colour photos and general information about 13 Renfrew County species-at-risk.

Activity One: Home is Where the Habitat Is

Ages: 5 to 8 years
Students investigate the importance of habitat in the survival and protection of Renfrew County bird species-at-risk.
Hook: My Home is My Habitat
Indoor Activity: Birds and Their Basic Needs
Outdoor Activity: Habitat Hopscotch

Activity Two: Flying to Survive – The Migration Cycle

Ages: 8 to 12
Students investigate the threats and benefits of bird migration by participating in online and outdoor activities.
Hook: Migration Adaptation
Indoor Activity: Bird Migration 101
Outdoor Activity: The Migration Cycle

Activity Three: Bird Habitat Scan

Ages: 10 to 14
Students investigate the relationship between birds and their habitats, and why it is important to protect both.
Hook: What’s in a Niche?
Indoor Activity: Defining Bird Habitat
Outdoor Activity: Bird Habitat

Activity Four: Tree of Life

Ages: 10 to 16
Students will investigate the cultural and ecological significance of birds.
Hook: Bird Myths
Indoor Activity: Tree of Life Screen Saver
Outdoor Activity: Presenting a Creation Myth

Ontario Bird Species at Risk

Browse bird profile sheets to learn more about the status, threats, migration patterns and niche info about Ontario Bird Species at Risk.

Additional Info

Learn about the Fatal Light Awareness Program

These learning tools were produced in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

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