Bonnechere Time Travel

Adventures In Time

Surrounded by the rich and  colourful history of the Ottawa Valley, Bonnechere Provincial Park is an ideal base for your next cultural heritage getaway.


Day 1 

  • Set up camp at Bonnechere Provincial Park.
  • Discover the variety of wildlife reminiscent of earlier times hidden in the meandering waters of the Bonnechere River wetlands.
  • Relax beside the flickering flames of a pinewood campfire and listen to the sounds of the night echoing through the woods as they have for thousands of years.

Day 2 

  • Take a driving tour of the Bonnechere River Watershed to Eganville.
  • Visit the Bonnechere Museum which features the natural and cultural landscapes of the Bonnechere River watershed.
  • After lunch, follow the Fourth Chute Road to Ontario’s Natural Underground Wonder – the Bonnechere Caves where award-winning guides lead you underground through a series of eerie and entrancing passages.
  • Follow the Bonnechere River back to Bonnechere Park for an evening program at the Davenport Centre.

Day 3

  • Travel up the Basin Depot Road and choose from ten self-guided walks to various historic and scenic sites along the upper Bonnechere River.
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