Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

photo of pimoseda app on iphone
The easy-to-navigate Pimosedà app provides interpretive trail content in English, French and Anishinabemowin.

Take a Virtual Tour

Whether you plan to visit Bonnechere Provincial Park in person or prefer to do so online, these virtual tours are sure to enhance your appreciation for the natural and cultural heritage of the Little Bonnechere River. 

Currently we have two trails at Bonnechere Park that are supported by virtual content. This means that if you are able to visit the Nàdòbìkana and Nòpiming FIT Trails in person, you can enhance your experience by accessing interpretive text and images along the way.

Pimosedà App

When translated from Anishinabemowin, Pimosedà means walk with us. This custom app has been designed to present enhanced interpretive trail content in three languages: English, French and Anishinabemowin, the language of the Algonquin People. 

The Pimosedà App includes:

  • 3-language interpretive text
  • coloured illustrations and photos
  • suggested activities reflecting the topic
  • Anishinabemowin words and definitions

Installing the Pimosedà App

The Pimosedà App is available for FREE download for use on iPhone and Android mobile phones. 

If you are planning to visit Bonnechere Park, we suggest you install the app from home. As an added feature, the app is also available for download at the trailhead of each of the two new FIT trails. 

As you navigate the trails, you will be able to browse the enhanced interpretive content offline, so no need to worry about WiFi access along the trails.

If you are unable to visit Bonnechere Park, we invite you to install the Pimosedà app on your mobile device and take a virtual tour from the convenience of your home.

photo of bonnchere park beach as viewed from nadobikana FIT trail

Nàdòbìkana FIT Trail

Translation from Anishinabemowin: a trail used to get water or sap 

Theme: We can all benefit from a better understanding of Indigenous culture, based on oral traditions that celebrate the gifts of Turtle Island.

Trailhead: Access the Nàdòbìkana FIT Trail near the boat launch in Bonnechere Provincial Park to browse these feature topics:

  • Woodland Pot
  • River Meets Lake
  • Travel and Trade
  • Ecological Integrity

Nòpiming FIT Trail

Translation from Anishinabemowin: an inland trail; in the woods or in the bush

Theme: We can all benefit from a better understanding of Indigenous perspective by acknowledging that this land was and still belongs to the Algonquin People

Trailhead: Access the Nòpiming FIT Trail near the gatehouse in Bonnechere Provincial Park to browse these feature topics:

  • Medicine Wheel
  • Land Acknowledgment
  • Invasive Species
  • Plants and Pollinators
  • Hunting Practices

Acessible Navigation

If you are blind or live with low vision, use the BlindSquare Event app to navigate the trail onsite. BlindSquare is the world’s most widely used accessible GPS-app developed for the blind, deafblind and partially sighted. Paired with third-party navigation apps, BlindSquare’s self-voicing app delivers detailed points of interest and intersections for safe, reliable and independent hiking. 

Learn More About Accessible Navigation Apps >

Footprints In Time (FIT) Teaching

photo of algonquin elder dorothy commanda 1997

Take twelve giant steps for 12,000 years.
Cut the last step in half.
This half-step marks the short time Europeans have been on this land compared to the Algonquin People.

~ Migwech to Algonquin Elder Dorothy Commanda for sharing this traditional teaching with us in 1997

photo of algonquin elder aimee bailey 2022

~ Migwech to Algonquin Elder Aimee Bailey for guiding us in seeking the Algonquin names for these two new accessible FIT Trails

footprints in time trail logo

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