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A Good Place to Visit

Bonnechere Provincial Park sits at the mouth of the Little Bonnechere River, where it opens into Round Lake. According to archaeological evidence, visitors have been landing on the beach at Bonnechere for thousands of years.

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Since 1967

Established in 1967, Canada’s centennial year, Bonnechere Park attracts campers and day-use visitors who come to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the shaded campsites and beach area. The Little Bonnechere, which follows a winding path of oxbows, is perfect for canoeing and wildlife viewing.

From the expansive sandy beach and shoreline boardwalk, the Park stretches inland across 162 hectares of forest and wetland, encompassing 129 campsites, four rustic cabins, one cottage, hiking trails and interpretive areas.

The woodland hiking trails are geared for outdoor exploration and physical activity for the whole family.

photo of young camper were t-shirt that reads are we there yet?
rustic cabin at bonnechere park
Bonnechere Park is also a destination for families interested in discovering the rich cultural heritage of the Ottawa Valley. The Depot, a stopping place on the McNaughton FIT Trail featuring two restored park ranger cabins, is the site of Spirits Night and storytelling.

Davenport Centre

At the Davenport Centre, visitors can view natural and cultural exhibits, and participate in various interpretive programs and watch live entertainment. Each summer, the calendar of events features a full slate of activities and special events.
photo of man in wheelchair opening door of accessible washroom
photo of man in all-terrain wheelchair on bonnechere park beach

Accessible Trails and Features

Bonnechere Provincial Park also offers several accessible features including a barrier free washroom, two specially designed FIT trails and access to the sandy shoreline of Round Lake.

  • All-terrain wheel chairs suitable for use on land and in the water are free to borrow at the Davenport Centre.
  • Mobi mats provide accessible pathways across the beach for those who want to swim in Round Lake.
  • The Naadoobiikana FIT Trail at the waterfront includes a barrier-free washroom at its trailhead, and winds its way towards the mouth of the Little Bonnechere River.
  • The Noopiming FIT Trail departs from the accessible parking spaces near the part entrance and provides winds through a quiet woodland.

Beyond the Park Gate

For those wanting to explore beyond the Park gate, the FBP has published Walks of the Little Bonnechere, a self-guided walking book featuring the natural and cultural stories of ten trails up-river.

Visit the site of a former lumber operation at Omanique’s Mill, an original stopping place at the Lafleur Homestead, and a circa 1900 log cabin and graveyard at Basin Depot. For a more exhilarating outing, climb to the top of Egg Rock to take in a panoramic vista, hike through a bayou-like silver maple swamp, or feel the spray of the rushing waters at High Falls.


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