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FIT Trail Enhancement How-To Manual

Start small. Dream big. Involve everyone. 

This FIT Trail How-To Manual is designed to help community leaders, municipal planners, recreation directors, health promoters, and educators enhance the interpretative value of outdoor spaces, especially walking and hiking trails that appeal to families and school groups. It is geared to existing trails, but can also be integrated into the planning of new pathways and open spaces.

Learn more about the McNaughton FIT Trail >

Following this step-by-step process will help your group define various aspects of a typical FIT trail and its interpretive components. Upon completion, it provides a working blueprint for the development of an enhanced outdoor trail featuring the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

While the thematic content of this guide focuses on the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada, the step-by-step planning system can be adapted to walking and hiking trails almost anywhere.

Use this checklist to ensure you don’t miss a step of the FIT development process:

  • OUR FIT PROJECT: Define key elements that will make your FIT trail a reality.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Make the community links to creating enhanced outdoor experiences.
  • RESOURCES: Create an inventory of the stories and setting that will motivate your trail users.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Take a snapshot of the landscape and its environmental influences.
  • DESIGN: Apply best practices to maximize existing infrastructure.
  • STEWARDSHIP: Define a plan for protecting and sustaining your FIT trail.
  • THEME AND TOPICS: Select a rich and varied collection of trail topics.
  • MAPPING: Plot a trail that reflects the area’s natural and cultural heritage.
  • INTERPRETATION: Integrate these customized components into your FIT trail.
  • EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES: 79 Choose from a selection of games and activities that will enhance the FIT trail experience.
  • FIT CASE STUDY: McNaughton Trail Leader’s Guide
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